Welcome to the Carnegie Moscow Center’s new website. On May 1, 2010, the Center moved its Internet presence onto a platform fully integrated with the Carnegie Endowment’s global network, with its offices in Washington, Moscow, Brussels, Beirut and Beijing. In addition to presenting our own materials in a fresher and more user friendly format, the new website will allow seamless navigation throughout the world of analysis and insight that the Endowment provides, putting our work in Moscow in the global context in which it rightfully belongs. From now on, readers interested in, for example, the impact of the economic crisis in Russia will instantly see the work of Carnegie’s experts on the crisis globally. The same is true of security, energy and climate, foreign and domestic policy and all of the issues Carnegie’s scholars pursue. This reflects the Endowment’s New Vision of a truly global think tank, uniting a world of analysis to seek solutions to global challenges.

In moving to the new, we haven’t lost sight of the old. While all of our materials from 2010 and most key materials from 2009 are presented in the new website format, all materials published by the Carnegie Moscow Center’s website prior to 2010 are easily available through a simple search of our archive.

We hope you will enjoy our new website and the window to the world it provides. If you have any suggestions for how we may improve it further, please do not hesitate to contact us.