The power jostling between the government and military forces in Pakistan is putting pressure on an already delicate political situation. On the Voice of Russia, Carnegie Moscow Center’s Dmitri Trenin and Shuja Nawaz, director of the South Asia Center at The Atlantic Council in Washington, DC, shared their opinions on the current situation in Pakistan.

Trenin stressed that the Pakistani political elite have a critical responsibility to resolve the current governance crisis in Pakistan. He contended that the military leadership does not want to take full control of Pakistan, but rather is looking to ensure that its voice is heard in the governing of the country, which is critical for stability of the entire South Asian region.

Turning to the purported killing of the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Trenin maintained that this killing wasn’t necessarily significant, beyond the fact that it demonstrated the ability of the United States to take out adversarial militant leaders no matter their location. He noted that a similar “elimination” in 2009 did not bring about the collapse of the organization, nor will this one.