In this book edited by the Carnegie Moscow Center’s deputy director for communications Natalia Bubnova, the Center’s young visiting scholars and interns share their ideas about politics, economics, social issues, migration and ethnic conflict, religion, and education in search of solutions for a better world.

The authors represent different countries: Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, India, Norway, Poland, Russia, the United States, and Yemen. They cover diverse issues ranging from EU relations with its eastern neighbors to historical reconciliation between Russia and Poland; from the case study of Chinese foreign policy as an ideal machine to the potential for coordinated BMD efforts between NATO and Russia; from the benefits and shortcomings of quotas for minorities in India to women’s role in the Arab revolutions; from the rise in radical right views in Europe and Russia to the influence of Wikileaks on political and diplomatic communications; and from the challenges of the energy dialogue to stimulating innovation through building research-oriented centers like Silicon Valley and Skolkovo.