Maria Lipman
Lipman was the editor in chief of the Pro et Contra journal, published by the Carnegie Moscow Center. She was also the expert of the Carnegie Moscow Center’s Society and Regions Program.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has told reporters in Moscow there is no need to use force and that everything was under control in Ukraine. Jim Middleton spoke with Carnegie Moscow Center’s Maria Lipman about the situation in Ukraine.

According to Lipman, it seems unlikely that Russian armed forces will move beyond the Crimean peninsula. The softer and more conciliatory tone of Putin could be a result of the determination of the United States and Europe to take action against Russia.

Furthermore, Lipman said it is unlikely that Russia will cut off gas supplies to Ukraine, since Ukraine also functions as a transit country for gas supplies to Europe. However, Russia could threaten the Ukrainian government with increases in gas prices, Lipman added.

This interview was originally broadcast on the ABC.