MOSCOW—The Carnegie Moscow Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Alexander Baunov and Maxim Samorukov as editor in chief and deputy editor of, a new online platform at the Carnegie Moscow Center, will feature commentary and analysis by Carnegie experts and well-known external contributors from both Russia and abroad. This forum for exchanging ideas on Russian society and Russia’s domestic and foreign policy challenges will replace the quarterly journal Pro et Contra.

Alexander Baunov, in addition to developing and overseeing, will serve as a senior associate at the Carnegie Moscow Center. He will conduct research on developments in Russian foreign policy, political ideology, and the country’s place in the modern world.

Prior to joining Carnegie, Baunov worked as a journalist and editor at, an independent magazine and website. For the last decade, he has traveled the world covering international affairs and reporting from five continents. A former diplomat, Baunov spent more than four years working on EU-Russia relations as a press officer for the Russian Foreign Ministry in Greece. He has written for Newsweek, Vedomosti, Bolshoi Gorod, and Russian Life, among a variety of other publications.

Baunov holds a degree in classics from Lomonosov Moscow State University. In addition to Russian and English, he speaks French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, and Polish.

Maxim Samorukov, deputy editor of, also worked previously at During his five years at the magazine, he served as a correspondent, editor, and international affairs columnist, covering topics such as Russian foreign policy, the Balkans, and Eastern European-Russian relations. Prior to, he worked as an analyst at Russian Polis magazine and as a broker at National Trade Bank.

Samorukov studied international economics at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and speaks Czech, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, and Spanish in addition to Russian and English.

“I am delighted to welcome Alexander Baunov and Maxim Samorukov to the center,” said Carnegie Moscow Center Director Dmitri Trenin. “I am confident that, under their leadership, will create a valuable platform for serious Russian and international thinkers and analysts to exchange views on important issues.”