China’s President Xi Jinping is going to Russia for his fourth visit to the country since he became the Chinese president in 2013. His main agendas in Russia include an attendance at the 70th anniversary celebration of Russia’s victory in World War II. The visit is also expected to bring forth now cooperative initiatives between the two neighbors bonded by an ever deeper strategic partnership.

On China Radio International, Carnegie Moscow Center’s Dmitri Trenin discussed Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia with Zheng Chenguang. He was joined by Yu Bin, a professor of political science at the Wittenberg University in the United States.

The visit has high symbolic value in the wake of the Ukraine crisis and the West’s response, Trenin said. He added that Russia regards China as a potential replacement for the sanction regime losses as well as an opportunity to reform its own economy through joint projects in infrastructure and science and technology.

This interview was originally broadcast on China Radio International.