Carnegie Moscow Center organized a book launch event featuring Yukon Huang, a senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program. Dr. Huang presented his book “Cracking the China Conundrum,” focusing on the country’s major economic, political, and foreign policy issues.

Yukon Huang highlighted the contradictions common in mainstream understanding of China’s economy. These include understanding China’s debt, rapid growth, corruption, trade, and investment tensions with the United States, and pressures for political liberalization and how these misunderstandings influence American policy. The discussion also focused on how the next Party Congress in October will deal with these issues and misunderstandings. Carnegie’s Andrey Movchan moderated.

Yukon Huang

Yukon Huang is a senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program, where his research focuses on China’s economy and its regional and global impact.

Andrey Movchan

Andrey Movchan is a senior fellow and director of the Economic Policy Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center.