Andrei Sharonov: Opening Remarks

Session 1. Inequality: an Issue or an Advantage?

Sergei Guriev: Economic disparity: challenges and questions

Ruben Enikolopov: Inequality: a problem or an advantage?

Marianna Belenkaya: How much inequality will people tolerate? The Arab Spring case study

Marianna Belenkaya’s PPT

Moderator: Andrey Movchan

Session 2. Inequality: Objective Factors

Hervé Boulhol: What are the main challenges in dealing with old-age Inequality in Russia?

Christopher Smart: Inequality in global currency markets

Albert Park: Inequality in China

Moderator: Elena Chirkova

Session 3. Fighting Disparity

Bill Conerly: How contemporary markets can fight inequality

Fedor Sheberstov: Improving education through not-for-profit organizations

Igor Rybakov: How not-for-profit investments and socially responsible entrepreneurship can fight inequality

Moderator: Marat Atnashev