Session 1. Inequality: Intentional Inequality

Åsa Hansson: Inequality in developed countries—how good is a “good state”? (the challenges of fighting inequality in the EU and the drawbacks of such efforts)

Filip Novokmet: From communism to capitalism: Inequality and property in Russia in international perspective

Shlomo Weber: Inequality and diversity

Konstantin Sonin: Inequality in Russia

Moderator: Shlomo Weber

Session 2. Russian Score in the Inequality Contest

Kristina Butaeva: How unequal is Russia?

Anton Tabakh: Economic “leveling” in Russia: the example of the Far East

Mikhail Korostikov: Chinese experience in dealing with inequality

Grigoriy Yudin: Growth of global economic inequality, changes in representative democracy, and Rise of the Populist Movements

Moderator: Vita Spivak

Session 3. Power and People

Konstantin Gaaze: Russian state management principles and inequality: how bureaucratic “vertical” and micromanagement produce inequality

Kirill Rogov: Political inequality and economic development—in search of a compromise

Denis Voklov: Nonpolitical reforms and nonpolitical actions: making business more equal

Moderator: Andrei Kolesnikov