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This year has seen a turnaround in Russia’s official attitude toward climate change. Moscow has set a date for reaching carbon neutrality, and has begun developing policies and implementation plans. The coming energy transition has vast economic, political, and international implications for Russia. What should we expect? There are few people as knowledgeable and authoritative on the subject as Professor Thane Gustafson, author of the recently published book Klimat. Russia in the Age of Climate Change.

  • How will the carbon neutrality pledges adopted by the world’s principal economic players impact on Russian exports?
  • What are the parameters and prospects for a successful energy transition in Russia?
  • What are the geopolitical implications of the policies prompted by climate change and energy transition?

Join Thane Gustafson, professor of political science at Georgetown University, and Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, to explore these issues and more. To submit a question for the event, please use the YouTube chat or tweet at us @CarnegieRussia.

This event is part of the Carnegie Moscow Center and U.S. Embassy in Moscow’s joint project: “Relaunching U.S.-Russia Dialogue on Global Challenges: The Role of the Next Generation”.