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Post-Pandemic, Russia and China Must Improve Migration Governance

If the pandemic has highlighted one source of friction in Russia-China relations, it is inadequate governance.

Russia-India: From Rethink to Adjust to Upgrade

Russian-Indian relations are traditionally good. The chemistry between the leaders is excellent, and members of the public are well disposed toward each other. Economic ties have long been stalling, however, and mutual suspicions have recently been creeping in over India’s relations with America, and Russia’s with China. To make the good relationship truly great, Moscow must rethink, adjust, and upgrade its approach to India. Vladimir Putin’s forthcoming visit to New Delhi could be a starting point.

Podcast: China’s Nuclear Expansion

What are the driving forces and goals behind China’s nuclear buildup? Should the ongoing U.S.-Russian arms control talks take into account Chinese progress? And does China’s refusal to take part in those talks render them meaningless?

Russia-Japan Relations: Were Abe’s Efforts In Vain?

Expanding the modest elements of trust in the Japan-Russia relationship, talking through reciprocal concerns before they lead to conflict, avoiding bilateral incidents, and engaging in mutually beneficial economic cooperation is the way forward.

Should Russia Be Worried by the New AUKUS Alliance?

Decisions made by NATO may be unpalatable for Moscow, but they are generally consistent and predictable. The same cannot be said of structures such as AUKUS.

What’s in a Name? India’s Role in the Indo-Pacific

For now, India’s role in the Western Pacific region remains symbolic, and in the Indo-Pacific context, confined to the Indian Ocean Region.

Can the Russia-India Friendship Survive in the New Bipolar World?

Russia and India’s divergence toward the two global centers of power—China and the United States—is gradually burning the bridges of Russian-Indian friendship.

Is Russia Right to Fear Creeping Militarization in Japan?

If Japan’s quiet military revolution is indeed aimed against a specific threat, then that threat issues not from Russia but from China.

Podcast: Russia and the Indo-Pacific

Podcast host Alex Gabuev; Darshana Baruah, an associate fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; and Michito Tsuruoka, an associate professor at Keio University in Tokyo, examine relations in and around the Indo-Pacific.

What’s the U.S. Take on Russia-Japan Relations?

James Schoff, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Asia Program, explains the U.S. position on the close relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, and how Washington views economic cooperation between the two neighbors.
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