Asia-Pacific Security


Can Russia and Japan Contribute to Indo-Pacific Stability?

As the destabilization of the Indo-Pacific region continues and disagreements between key players escalate, the Russo-Japanese security dialogue may acquire growing significance.

Podcast: Is There Any Hope for Russia-Japan Relations Without Abe?

Any discussion of Russia’s Asia policy inevitably focuses on China, but what about Japan?

Japan-Russia Relations in the Post-Abe Era

The Yoshihide Suga administration should continue its policy of engagement with Russia, while keeping the conclusion of a peace treaty and resolution of the territorial issue as a future task.

Japan-Russia Reality Check: From Abe to Suga

Since the relationship between Japan and China will inevitably remain competitive and confrontational in the long term, the strategic importance of progress in Japan’s relationship with Russia will grow.

Podcast: What's Europe’s Strategy for Managing China and Russia?

Podcast host Alex Gabuev is joined by Janka Oertel, director of the Asia program at the European Council on Foreign Relations, to discuss changing attitudes in Europe toward China and Russia, and the evolving relationship between Moscow and Beijing.

Podcast: How Deep Are China's Roots in Russia's Far East?

Alex Gabuev talks to Ivan Zuenko, an expert on the Sino-Russian relationship, about the real scale of the Chinese presence in Russia’s Far East.

Podcast: Coronavirus and the Battlefields of the U.S.-China Trade War

Carnegie’s Alex Gabuev and The Financial Times’ Asia editor Jamil Anderlini discuss coronavirus, the ongoing U.S.-China trade war, and the geopolitical dynamics in Asia-Pacific.

Podcast: Five Years After Crimea, How Is Russian Trade Doing?

This podcast focuses on Russian trade since 2014, when the country started to turn away from the West and increase its exposure to China. Podcast host Alex Gabuev is joined by Tatiana Flegontova and Janis Kluge.

Why Japanese Investment in Russian LNG Is an Isolated Deal

The purchase of a stake in Arctic LNG 2 by a Japanese consortium is certainly a significant step in the development of economic ties between Russia and Japan, but if the Russian government doesn’t quickly begin work on improving the country’s investment climate, this deal will not be the start of a torrent of Japanese investment, but rather a small island of success in a vast sea of missed opportunities.

Bad Cop, Mediator or Spoiler: Russia’s Role on the Korean Peninsula

Despite Russia’s limited toolkit, growing alignment with China, and its broken relationship with the U.S., Moscow will not be written off by Washington and its allies when it comes to the diplomatic process on North Korea.
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