Struggle for Ukraine


Warning Signals for EU From Georgia and Moldova

There is sobering news for the EU in two new polls from Georgia and Moldova, showing that public support for the European project is faltering.

Defanging the Ukrainian Oligarchs

Ukrainian society—particularly sectors that pushed for greater accountability and transparency during the EuroMaidan Revolution—and Western governments, particularly the United States, are pushing Poroshenko to rein in the oligarchs.

A New War in the Donbas, or the Old Ukraine Fights Back?

The conflict in Ukraine is anything but frozen. The dynamics of this conflict are driven as much by Ukrainian domestic affairs and local commanders’ decisions in the conflict zone as they are by any Cold War-style stand-off between East and West.

Stars and Runes: Why the Struggle Against Totalitarian Symbols Doesn’t Mean Victory for Freedom

Old totalitarian practices can reemerge with new symbols, from new directions. And a struggle against the symbols of past unfreedom isn’t enough to protect against a lack of liberty in its latest incarnation.

All for All? The Breakdown of POW Exchanges in the Donbas

The fact that the process of prisoner exchanges is still incomplete after months of fits and starts volumes about the messiness of the situation in eastern Ukraine.

Corrupting Civil Society in Post-Maidan Ukraine?

  • Mikhail Minakov
Civil society now plays an outsized role in Ukrainian politics.

Crimea as Part of Russia: First Conclusions

Russia’s problems with Crimea and Crimea’s problems with Russia will only continue to grow.

Who Will Be the First to Break the Peace in Ukraine?

The West should be linking aid to Ukraine to peace rather than war.

What Did Minsk II Actually Achieve?

The Minsk agreements lay the political groundwork for peace in Ukraine. Still, several important questions remain. Moreover, the agreements are likely to be too little too late for the warring parties: they may not settle for anything less than what they consider victory.

The End of Consensus: What Does Europe Want From Russia?

Many in Russia believe that the EU sanctions appeared as a result of the Ukrainian conflict and pressure from Washington. In fact, the reasons for the current deterioration in Russia’s relations with Europe are far more profound. But this does not mean that another—European—front in Russia’s confrontation with the West has now been opened.
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