Russian Ideology


Russia’s History Wars: Why Is Stalin’s Popularity On the Rise?

Stalin stands in for the lack of modern heroes, and overshadows all the most important historical events of the twentieth century, symbolically compensating for the failures, defeats, and setbacks of more recent years.

Four Unknowns Ahead of Russia’s 2021 Parliamentary Elections

The Duma electoral campaign will lock in the inertia of parliamentary party dynamics. The regime will arrive at the 2024 presidential elections with a solid parliamentary majority.

In Declaring Navalny Extremist, Russia Has Crossed a New Rubicon

Declaring all opposition figures enemies of the state and illegal entities precludes any chance of dialogue: there might have been a place at the table for a non-system opposition activist, but not for an extremist.

Russians Aren’t Buying Putin’s PR Stunts Anymore

To save its approval ratings, the Kremlin might be better focusing its energy elsewhere.

Can the Next Generation of Russians Modernize Their Country?

A generational shift will take place if young Russians decide to break with the values of an antiquated state. This process could take a very long time and include periods of regression, but it could also happen much quicker than expected.

Why the Kremlin is Winning the Battle for the Average Russian

The political messages of the opposition aren’t enough to rouse the average Russian, who still fears one thing above all: that a change in political regime might only make things worse.

Navalny Joins the Ranks of Russia’s Religious Dissidents

Ahead of his trial for defaming a war veteran, Alexei Navalny quoted from the bible and confessed that he has become religious, pitting two ideological pillars of the Russian regime against each other: wartime victory and Christianity.

Why Navalny Makes Many Russians Uncomfortable

Navalny is pushing ordinary Russians out of their comfort zone. The mass conformism endemic in authoritarian regimes is working against him.

Podcast: Are Russia’s Protests a Serious Threat to the Kremlin?

Mass protests have broken out in Russia once again. Will the end result be any different this time around?

Putin, Unlimited? Challenges to Russia’s Regime After the Reset of Presidential Terms

Faced with a pandemic, growing inequality, and widespread dissatisfaction, the Kremlin has launched a series of measures aimed at consolidating Russia’s authoritarian political system. Will they work?
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