Hybrid War: Russia vs. the West


No Emotions or Illusions: The Future of U.S.-Russian Relations

Three decades after the collapse of the USSR, the mindset of Soviet-American détente and “equal, mutually beneficial cooperation” is hopelessly outdated.

Biden and Putin’s War of Words

Putin has long positioned himself as a global opposition figure, and will now be able to feel like one of the Russian opposition politicians with whom the authorities refuse to engage for fear of creating a political equivalence.

Kissinger Revisited. Can the United States Drive a Wedge Between Russia and China?

The Trump administration’s attempt to replicate Henry Kissinger’s diplomatic maneuvering between the Soviet Union and China in the early 1970s is a good example of the misuse of history.

Podcast: What's Europe’s Strategy for Managing China and Russia?

Podcast host Alex Gabuev is joined by Janka Oertel, director of the Asia program at the European Council on Foreign Relations, to discuss changing attitudes in Europe toward China and Russia, and the evolving relationship between Moscow and Beijing.

EU-Russia Relations: What Went Wrong?

The furor that followed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s threat to sever Russia’s ties with the EU wasn’t really justified: there have been none to speak of since 2014.

2021: Another Sad Year for EU-Russia Relations

Navalny’s return to Russia on January 17 has created a prominent link between Germany/the EU and Russian domestic politics—the geopoliticization of domestic politics—which neither side will be able to ignore in the future.

Russia and Europe: the Current Impasse and the Way Out

Russia and the European Union need to imagine a more realistic goal for their relationship: a model of neighborliness, in which the inevitable disagreements will be managed in order to prevent disruptive conflicts and damaging collisions.

Dealing With Biden's America

The main thrust of U.S. policy toward Russia has not changed much with the advent of a new administration. U.S.-Russian interaction on strategic stability issues will go hand-in-hand with persistent condemnation and retribution for what Biden calls Russia’s determination to damage and disrupt American democracy.

Podcast: Managing the Great-Power Competition Between Russia and the U.S.

There may be no reset in U.S.-Russian relations under the Biden administration, but what can be done to defuse tensions and avoid worst-case scenarios?

A New Start for Arms Control?

Extending the New START is only the first and easiest step in rebuilding the U.S.–Russian arms control system from its ruins.
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