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East Asia Is No Less Complex Than Ukraine: On President Putin’s Impending China Trip

If the Kremlin allies with China too closely, it will not only estrange Russia from most of Asian countries, but also may provoke China’s appetite to gobble the newly-born child of Russia, the Eurasian Union.

Ukraine Will Not Die, But It Can Multiply

Russia certainly pursues its interests in Ukraine, as does the United States, but the actual forces engaged there are the locals. The victorious Maidan has proven both unwilling and powerless to bridge or stitch together the fault lines which have emerged.

From Afghanistan to Gorbachev, and From Crimea to…

The crisis in Ukraine may lead to unpredictable consequences inside Russia—from another perestroika to complete collapse.

Odessa Police

During the horrific events in Odessa, local police stood idly by as violence around them escalated. Police reform in Ukraine is crucially important, but nobody knows how to create honest and professional law enforcement in a thoroughly corrupt state.

Ukraine Burning

After the May 25 poll, a new president of Ukraine will hardly inaugurate stability. One can only hope that Ukraine decides its future before it turns into a burnt-out case.

Ukrainian Suspense: How Far From the Rubicon?

The south and even the east of Ukraine do not express massive support for separatism. The violent clashes in Odessa may signal a turning point—indicating that Ukrainian society itself is trying to stop the country’s fragmentation.

Solving the Russia Problem

After the end of the Cold War, the West neglected the task of solving the “Russia problem” through integration. Trying to solve it now through economic warfare is not going to work.

Ukraine May Facilitate a Eurasian Union—Under the Auspices of China

It would be better for Russia to reach an agreement with the West on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, coupled with an assurance of its permanent neutrality and a simultaneous accession by Ukraine to the Association Agreement with the EU and to the Russia-led Customs Union.

The Wages of Fear

Ukraine’s Jews are, for now, not a central part of the political drama, but the repeated use of anti-Semitism as a tool in the country’s full-contact politics sends a worrying signal nonetheless.

The New Adventures of Old Ukraine

Ukraine is facing a serious threat which appears to lie within the country’s own domestic politics.
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