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As the Olympics Come to an End, So Does the Post-Soviet Space

The collapse of the Yanukovych regime in Ukraine became another posthumous chapter in the breakup of the Soviet Union. It will severely curtail Russia’s leadership ambitions in the post-Soviet space.

In Ukraine the EU Is Last Man Standing

As more or less the last international player that can make a pitch to all of Ukraine, the EU will need to re-tool the Eastern Partnership to make a credible offer to all Ukrainian citizens.

Ukraine’s Long Odds

The Western media’s focus on Russia has ignored the fact that it was Ukraine’s revolution, made in Ukraine by Ukrainians. But now Ukraine’s domestic politics is full of uncertainty.

Ukraine: How to Cross the Valley of Tears?

The Ukrainian drama is far from over, and the international actors bear responsibility for its length and excruciatingly painful results.

Ukrainian Revolution Can Be a Blessing in Disguise for Russia, but Dangers Remain

Ukraine’s “February revolution” is sometimes described as a major blow to Russia and to President Vladimir Putin, personally. In fact, it may be a blessing in disguise for both.

Ukraine—Glimmer of Hope, but Many Unanswered Questions

The compromise between Yanukovych and the leaders of the opposition is a long-overdue step back from a disaster, but much remains unclear. Ukraine will face a set of grim prospects, the worst of which is that the country is running out of money.

Ukraine: Watch the Guys with Guns

Without clear knowledge of what role radical and paramilitary groups, or Yanukovych loyalists, played in touching off this past week’s violence, all eyes must be on the people with the guns, not the politicians.

Cognitive Dissonance in Russian Politics

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s article on Ukraine demonstrates that the Russian regime is simultaneously making conflicting statements and moving in opposite directions.

Keep Ukraine in One Piece, and at Peace With Itself

To keep Ukraine in one piece, and at peace with itself, the Ukrainians evidently need to reform their political system. The West and Russia should help the Ukrainian parties reach an agreement on the parameters of a federal parliamentary republic.

Takeaways From Munich-50

The 50th Munich Security Conference marked the charting of a course toward Berlin’s more robust engagement in the world, including with military means. At the same time, the conference was overshadowed by the unfolding crisis in Ukraine.
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