Energy Security


Can Russia Really Solve Europe’s Gas Woes on Its Own?

How much additional gas is required to stabilize the European market, and are Russia and other key suppliers able to provide it?

How the Arms Control Approach Could Help Russia Tackle Climate Change

The right approach would probably be to create a special interagency coordinator under a senior official reporting directly to the head of state. It is vitally important that whoever heads the office is well respected by international partners: a worthy counterpart to the likes of John Kerry of the United States.

What Does China’s Energy Crisis Mean for Russia?

China’s energy infrastructure is simply not yet ready for Beijing’s concerted efforts to curb emissions, which opens up new opportunities for Russian hydrocarbon exporters.

European Gas Crisis: Russia to the Rescue?

The prompt stabilization of the European gas market is not only in the interests of collapsing European companies, but of Gazprom, too.

Why Everyone’s a Winner in the Nord Stream 2 Deal

The agreement between Germany and the United States, which at first glance appears to be to Russia’s advantage, is in fact beneficial to all parties—even Ukraine.

Is Russia Finally Ready to Tackle Climate Change?

In theory, climate change and green energy are areas in which there is scope for joint international projects, new investment, and the transfer of green technology to Russia. Yet drastic differences in targets set and regulatory frameworks make such an optimistic scenario unlikely.

Moscow’s Climate Change Dilemma

It is not the Biden administration that Russia should be concerned about when it comes to climate, but its own inaction, which Moscow risks paying for in both economic and security terms over the coming decade.

Sino-Russian Energy Relations: A Match Made in Heaven?

Sino-Russian relations may be a marriage of convenience arranged by oil and gas, but arranged marriages have a way of lasting. It is particularly helpful if there is a common enemy, such as an overbearing West.

Neither U.S. Candidate Bodes Well for Russia’s Energy Market

The Republican and Democratic candidates have fundamentally opposite views on developing the energy sector, but whoever wins—and for different reasons—it won't be good news for Russia’s oil and gas industry.

Russia’s OPEC Volte-Face

Right now, the strength of each country’s negotiating position is determined by its ability to swiftly regulate the supply of oil on the global market. Saudi Arabia has been preparing for this for decades, while Russia has failed to take advance measures that would help, such as the construction of oil storage tanks.
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