In this global era, the world faces a host of security challenges—from the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to international terrorism to accelerating climate change to energy security—which cannot be resolved by any one nation, especially through the unilateral use of military force. One key issue that requires urgent global attention is literally “out of this world”: the military use of outer space.

This collection of essays by leading Russian experts analyzes how many countries are using outer space for military purposes. Adapted from the Russian version, Outer Space: Weapons, Diplomacy, and Security describes the space weapons programs of various countries. It details the history of negotiations to prevent, or at least control, the weaponization of space, including analyses of the political, military, technical, and legal problems facing negotiators trying to avoid a catastrophic new space race.

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Reviews for this publication

"As the globalization of economic, political, military, and technological development expands the realm of activity in outer space, this volume provides a compelling road map on how to avoid future conflicts in a critical arena."
  —Jessica T. Mathews, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace