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European Perspectives of the “New Turkey”

  • Pavel Shlykov
President Erdogan strives to find a sound strategy to minimize the current risks in foreign affairs. Despite resentment of the EU and the current stagnation of Turkey’s accession process, the EU retains its influence over Turkey because of the Turkish economy’s great dependence on the EU.

Russia’s Pivot to Asia: Is It Good for Russia and Is It Successful?

Many are talking about Russia’s pivot eastward, but is it working? Eurasia Outlook posed the question to some leading experts in the field in order to gather some thoughts about the policy’s effectiveness.

Vladimir Putin’s Annual Address and Its Message

Several Carnegie experts from different offices discuss the significance of Putin’s address to the future of Russia and its role in the international community.

What Do You Expect from Vladimir Putin’s Visit to India?

What do you expect from Vladimir Putin’s visit to India? Eurasia Outlook posed the question to some leading experts in the field in order to gather some predictions about the meeting’s significance to Russia-India relations moving forward.

Strategic Partnership Without Strategy?

Russia and India should initiate the creation of a roadmap for developing Russian-Indian relations. Without a binding roadmap, the “strategic partnership” will remain nothing but pretty window dressing that conceals the absence of strategy.

Unexpected Blow: How Falling Oil Prices and the Depreciating Ruble Influence Russia’s Pivot to Asia

  • Alexander Gabuev
The falling oil price and rapid devaluation of Russian currency not only affect the economy, the budget, and the joking habits of the elite, but also have an effect on Moscow’s foreign policy.

Will Mi-35M Helicopters Fly to Pakistan?

Military cooperation between Russia and Pakistan will be very specific and driven by concrete, pragmatic, and limited goals. At the same time, India remains Russia’s priority partner.

Pakistan’s Minorities Under the Shadow of Fear

Pakistani religious minorities live in fear. This fear can only abate through the Pakistani government’s consistent and tough policies directed at the softening of the blasphemy law and cracking down on any attempts of vigilante justice.

Russia’s Performance in Multilateral Organizations: Pivot to Asia or Just to China?

  • Alexander Gabuev
For Russia, the upcoming APEC Summit is seen primarily as an opportunity to attend important, bilateral meetings, not to talk about common issues in the Asia-Pacific.

Is Russia Afraid of Chinese and Indian Missiles?

China and India would definitely want to know if Russia is really so afraid of the missiles they are developing that is ready to abandon the INF Treaty.
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